New Inn block.jpg

New Inn Broadway, London

Office building and exhibition space

Creating an inspirational working environment at the site of Shakepeare's theatre.

Gallus Studio have obtained planning consent for ‘The Box Office,’ the working title for a new exhibition and office building in London’s Shoreditch. A charitable trust initiated this exciting new development to celebrate the unique history of the site as the location of ‘The Theatre’, which was the first polygonal purpose built theatre and precursor to The Globe.

The Theatre opened in Elizabethan times and was home to Shakespeare's theatre company, which is why the building’s design draws on many Elizabethan references. Timber grid framings recall the facades of early courtyard theatres, prevalent until The Theatre was conceived and each window bay incorporates a Juliet balcony because it is believed that The Theatre was the place where Romeo and Juliet premiered.

The trust are working with the Museum of London and others to create a modern exhibition experience for visitors as well as an inspirational working environment and it is due to open in 2018.