Exhibition Space, Shoreditch

Creating places of lasting value

Gallus is the safe pair of hands that makes sure the artistic concepts of exhibition space designers can be delivered.  

In a new exhibition and performance space on the site of Shakespeare’s first theatre we effortlessly bring together structural, environmental, planning, heritage and cultural considerations, along with issues like the flow of people, acoustics, lighting and future-proofing.  


Our pragmatic and imaginative approach makes the artistic concept work


The New Theatre, Shoreditch

Built on the remains of London's first ever playhouse

The New Theatre is a mixed-use development providing housing and a brand new theatre.

The design is a modern take on the original Tudor theatre where William Shakespeare first worked as an actor and playwright. Materials are used to reference and reflect the old playhouse while the design makes the most of the site and acts a catalyst for regeneration.

When the project completes the site will be listed as a scheduled monument.